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The Challenge Pros

Pay As You Win Program

We are not gurus we are do-rus

And we guarantee our results!.

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     Changing The Lives of Entrepreneurs         By Elevating Them To Break The Noise

We brand you on social platforms, launch your media campaign, interview you on social media and Amazon Fire TV, then launch a series of challenges & summits to generate your revenue targets. Payments are tied to guaranteed results!

This program is for you if ...

You want a fun strategy to showcase your expertise with a new audience, while being intentional on building trust, and attracting clients. All while paying based on results!

  • Build trust by showcasing your expertise.            

  • Attract you dream client.                                                

  • Repel the undesirable client.                                         

  • Versatility to launch, grow, or scale a business. 

  • This probably isn't for you if ...

    If you like paying for things that are not tied directly to results. 

  • Not seeing results and go onto the next program.         

  • Speak to the masses versus focusing in on a niche.               

  • A customized solution that you pay as you see results      

  • No need for a simple qualifying lead attracting solution.

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    We wanted to make it easy for you to find us. Please send us a connection request on LinkedIn. Let us know you saw The Challenge Pros page.